Domusvenda developed from scratch an integrated management and control technological platform for the administration of all assets under management, covering each one of its phases.

DASD – Distressed Asset Score Date | Domusvenda

The DASD – Distressed Asset Score Date tool is the natural development of an earlier platform also created from scratch – the ILS – Integrated Loan System – and was tailored to meet the requirements of a total and exhaustive management of Distressed Assets processes.

This brand new tool offers a total applicability to any market, national or international, whether by its user-friendly characteristics, whether through its unlimited ability to manage processes in each unique phase, for any type of asset. DASD also includes specific real estate functions with a strong appraisal component and property management.

We are proud to be able to offer our partners the only software available in the Portuguese market exclusively designed to fully support the Distressed Assets management business.

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