DomusSale sells rent value to future house price


DomusSale sells rent value to future house price

A year ago, Domusvenda launched a real estate investment fund that buys houses resulting from non-performing loans and offers the possibility of these properties being leased with a future purchase option.

According to the rules of operation of the Real Estate Fund (REF), when the tenants exercise the option to purchase the fraction they will be able to reduce to the price of the property part of the amount of rents paid in the meantime, João Costa Reis, president, revealed to Business of the company that manages bad credit portfolios. And the terms of the exercise of this call option are defined at the time the lease agreement takes effect.

The experience of the past 12 months shows that the majority of homeowners who sell the house in the background because they are unable to pay the mortgage loan do not want to rent the property. "People want to dispose of the house. The lease is made mainly by third parties who also have the possibility to have an option to purchase the property", explains the official.

Source: Jornal de Negócios




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